7D First Look and Samples.

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All shot last week, so its not a final firmware. All shot with speedlites,
some a mix of the speedlite and ambient light in the 3200 iso shots.




also some samples of using speedlites and the speedlite controller built in
can be seen here:


all shots after this one

(7D after the first one above, the eariler ones were with 5d2 and speedlites
using the TT5’s for info on that shoot and lighting check this thread.


(and this was more playing around test, so yes I know the wedding dress is
wrinkled as can be, I will have it pressed before an actual shoot)

and to show one of the advantages of raw I shot this blown out

and pulled it back in DPP here

larger here http://stepheneastwood.com/Canon/rs


real fast sample video handheld with horrible form thank god for pretty models,
makes everything seem better. http://www.vimeo.com/6404469

I was already answering some questions here http://www.openphotographyforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9733
but feel free to email as well stephen@stepheneastwood.com


More tutorials can be found here: http://www.StephenEastwood.com/tutorials


Stephen Eastwood


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Stephen Eastwood Fashion and Beauty Photographer and Retoucher based in NY/LA/Ft. Worth TX http://www.StephenEastwood.com Current Canon Explorer of Light.
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