Schedule me for a Workshop!

Here is some info to help if  you would like to request me to do a workshop or lecture  in your area.

First you can contact us at and see if one is scheduled, if not the next step is to determine if you have enough people that are interested to possibly get Canon interested.  If not thats OK, it can still happen.  What is needed?

1) arrangements for location (possibly equipment as its often easier to have some there, though me supplying it is also possible)

2) bookings, usually depending on the number of days and extent of the workshop/lecture there would be a certain number of people or certain cost involved, that should be covered by the attendees.

If you can set up enough people to produce a local workshop/lecture we can start to make arrangements for that possibility.

Contact us at to discuss further.

For current Workshop/Lecture Schedule click here

About photographers1

Stephen Eastwood Fashion and Beauty Photographer and Retoucher based in NY/LA/Ft. Worth TX Current Canon Explorer of Light.
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One Response to Schedule me for a Workshop!

  1. Jay Farrell says:

    Sounds awesome, would love to get more information on that!