Some Sites/Blogs I am on.

Well what is this page?  Its actually just random places I find myself online, mainly personal blogs of people who came across me and thought enough to post something nice, (usually nice at least, have not seen anything else yet, but as it grows I will be equally fair should any come up)  Some have me on lists with artists that I can not even begin to belong with, others just liked what I did for no reason other than it struck a cord.  Well this is where I will take a minute or two a day and see who google alerts points me too and link them up to help maybe direct some traffic their way.  Thanks for noticing and thanks for taking the time to comment on me or my work!. direct to me 😀

About photographers1

Stephen Eastwood Fashion and Beauty Photographer and Retoucher based in NY/LA/Ft. Worth TX Current Canon Explorer of Light.
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