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So many people are asking about following me around on a shoot, sadly a commercial shoot is not the best time to have someone following you and asking questions.  That said, I have developed a plan to build a shoot, start to finish with art direction through retouching.  Models included and you can get in on the action and shoot yourself as well.  Its often a 1 on 1 shoot, but to lower costs you can have up to 3 people join in a private one day shoot.

Cost for the day  $5000.00

Typical location will be my studio in Chelsea, NY,  you can see the custom walls in some of these  shots You can choose from a Fashion,  Beauty or glamour shoot style.

Beach or park location may also be available.  25% deposit required to book a day.

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Stephen Eastwood Fashion and Beauty Photographer and Retoucher based in NY/LA/Ft. Worth TX Current Canon Explorer of Light.
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