January 19th – Advanced Lighting for Beauty and Glamour Workshop.

This intense in-studio workshop will focus on teaching advanced lighting techniques for shooting “Beauty and Glamour”, and will be taught by a renown NYC photographer – Stephen Eastwood.  Details below!!!

This intense in-studio workshop will focus on teaching advanced lighting techniques for shooting “Beauty and Glamour”, and will be taught by a renown NYC photographer – Stephen Eastwood.

This course is tailored towards an advanced shooter, and will cover a variety of lighting setups, explanation of methods and shooting techniques as well as effective posing.  You will learn to use studio strobes and how to use small portable lighting (speedlites) to get results that rival even the biggest strobes.  Limited shooting time is provided for attendees to practice the newly learned skills, while being guided by Stephen, this workshop will teach you HOW and WHY, you will learn what to look for and how to get the best light in any and every situation.

This workshop is broken up into two parts – an intense in-studio day on Sunday, January 19th and an online image selection/retouching session on the following weekend.  During the retouching session, Stephen will demonstrate high end retouching techniques on the images attendees took the previous week.  This portion is included in the price of attendance, but can also be booked separately for those not able to attend.  Please see my notes in Pricing/Booking for more info.

All the relevant details are below.  Please make sure to read the “What to expect/Pasha’s thoughts” section, and if you have any questions, please ask – pashaphoto@gmail.com


We will announce the location a little later, but it will be in NYC.  Basically, right now it’s choice between two studios in Chelsea and one in Midtown.  We plan to take a good walk through of all of them in the next couple of weeks, and will pick the most suitable one.


January 19th – 11 am to 9pm. – Workshop.
January 26th – 1pm – 5pm – Retouching Session.

What to expect / Pasha’s thoughts

Both Stephen and i, along with the photographers that have attended it, really liked the format/structure of our October Workshop, so we’re repeating it.  Topic remains similar – Beauty and Glamour, however the curriculum itself is different.  In other words, same structure and mostly the same topic, but the setups and the techniques the photographers will be learning are different.

The main focus is on producing “clean” beauty and “commercial” glamour.  Think of beauty images like major cosmetic ads and editorials, and glamour imagery found in commercial products like ads/catalogs and some mainstream men’s publications like maxim

We will focus primarily on the following areas:

1.) Lighting – keeping things “clean and tight” and controlling the spill by using modifiers.
2.) Nuances – watching and understanding shadow falloff, perspective and overall image geometry and how it affects the final image.
3.)  Using small lights and modifiers to produce high end results, seeing the light where no modeling light exists, so you learn to pre-visualize the shot before you ever take a frame.
4.) Posing – understanding natural posing, what makes a pose “commercial” vs cliché, contrived or raunchy etc, and what makes an effective pose.
5.) Guided shooting – Stephen will guide you as you shoot, giving you quick tips/hints on angles, posing etc.
6.) Image Selection (online only) – understanding the slight differences between images, what works and what doesn’t, and how to pick the best one.
7.) Retouching (online only) – techniques for “commercial quality” retouching explained, and demonstrated using images attendees take at the workshop.
8.) Private review (online only) – review of your “final product”, constructive critique and hints/tips for improvement etc.

This is called an advanced workshop for a reason.  Typically we try to structure workshops to move at a certain, methodical pace, this advanced workshop will focus on thinking the shot through and planning the final image before you begin.   This will move at a much faster pace, it will be much more intense with a curriculum geared towards a more advanced shooter.  You have to know your “basics” already and be prepared for a 9 hour marathon, or you will get lost pretty quickly.  We will be in the studio the full time.  There are scattered breaks, but the rest of the time is all instruction and some shooting, this is what a real life shoot is, lunch?  Eat while you work, you will understand what it takes to get the shots, in other words – looooong day.

There are 9 hours of instruction, and in those nine hours Stephen will cover a variety of setups.  The plan is to cover 5 “main” setups, and two each of their variations.  you’ll learn to create the look whether using the highest end strobes or small portable lights, you see a variety of modifiers that can help and most important, you will learn the most important tool you have in your arsenal, your ability to problem solve!  Stephen will teach how to drastically change the lighting and feel/mood of a shot by simply changing out the modifiers/direction/colors/posing and making other small adjustments, while keeping the overall equipment of the “main” setup as close to the same as possible.  The goal is to make sure that each attendee learns how to setup, and create beautiful lighting setups that maximize impact and create mood and drama with whatever gear they have available, and learn how to vary the purpose/style of lighting to suit their needs.

We made sure to schedule in some shooting time for the attendees, so they can actually practice shooting on the setups, and learn to direct the model into a perfect pose/angle, rather than shoot more and hope they get a good one.  We want you to learn to create the final image in your mind, and direct the components to capture it.  All shooting will be “guided” by Stephen to ensure that you’re shooting at correct angles, learning how and when to guide the model, and to check on “nuances” like the placement of shadows and poses for the desired look and feel.

Structure-wise, the day will be broken up into 5 parts, each covering one setup and it’s variations.  Starting with theory/instruction for the “main” setup and how to pose the model on that setup, then followed by guided shooting.  Then introducing variation one with direction on modifier selection, placement and color tones, followed by guided shooting of that variation.  Rinse/repeat for variation two.

Price / Booking.

The price of this workshop is – $899.  The online retouching session is included in your price of admission.  For those not able to make the main workshop and/or only wishing to book the retouching session, you can do so below.  For the first time ever we offer a bonus gift certificate discount, purchase a spot for a spouse, significant other or friend (or just book your own spot) by December 25th and save an additional $50 off the admission price (all other discounts/promotions STILL apply)


Book before 25th of December   – $50 off.
Book before 1st of January.      –  $50 off
Attendee appreciation discount      – $50 off.

Please note:  These promotions/discounts apply only to the price of the main workshop.  There are currently no promotions for the retouching session.  Attendees are photographers who attended one of of our previous events.  This includes those who attended Pasha’s Shootouts and/or one of Stephen’s private (non Canon sponsored) workshops.

Please read the refund/cancellation policy below before submitting your deposit.

We’re going with a very simple policy for this one.  If you need to cancel, and do it at least a week before the workshop, you get your deposit back in full.  If you cancel with less then a week to go, the deposit is gone.   If we have to cancel for any reason, you will get your deposit back in full.  Like i said – simple policy

Deposit ($200 via paypal) required.

To submit your deposit, please click the appropriate link below.

To book the workshop (retouching session included), please click the paypal button below.

How to book just the retouching session:

If you can’t make the workshop, and you want to learn basics of retouching beauty and glamour for maximum effect, you will have 3 hours watching Stephen retouch some of the photos taken at the workshop. You can book the retouching session all by itself.  The price is $150.  There is no deposit – you pay for the session.
To book just the retouching session, please click the paypal button below.

If you have any questions, please email – pashaphoto@gmail.com

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