Stephen Eastwood, NY based Fashion and Beauty Photographer, digital retoucher, currently a Canon Explorer of Light and PrintMaster

Starting a new Ecommerce Production site  www.digitalphotoproductions.com


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Bio available at Stephen Eastwood Bio and Q&A Worth a read through


Digital SLR Photography Article on me


Stephen Eastwood -lightsource-podcast Interview


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And for those who send me Cigars, its always very nice, I always truly appreciate it, but those who asked what I smoke:  I smoke two mainly  Talbak Especial Dolce Toro and Isla Del Sol Toro <- Not the best prices around And those who think its an unhealthy habit and I should be more health conscious I drink plenty of this Met-Rx Extreme Chocolate

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  1. Tom Seibert says:

    I just spent well over an hour looking at your portfolio here and on Model Mayhem – It is beautiful, your lighting wonderful. I hope that someday, somehow, I can make it to one of your workshops and pick up just some what you do. Your style of “inverting shadows” – to expose the shadow correctly makes for a beautiful look. That is now on my list of things to learn.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for all the examples tutorials an such on the blog! I’ll be studying them and I’m sure I will learn a lot.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi There,

    I love your work on MM, and see that you work closely with the profile of Pasha photo.

    I am coming to NY in July, and would really love to get some great shots with you.

    I have sent off an e-mail to pashaphoto@gmail.com as instructed, however just wanting to cover all my bases.
    I’d hate to think I missed an opportunity because technology failed on me, and didn’t get my message out.

    Please touch base with me either way, even if to say thanks but no thanks.

    Kind Regrads


  3. Rebecca Townley says:

    I am currently doing Studio Arts photography in Year 12 and fashion photography has a great influence on my pieces. I was just wishing to tell you that you have been a massive inspiration to me. So thank-you.

    Best wishes,

  4. Isabella Mia says:

    Hi there. Its Isabella Mia from Cyprus. I have this coursework that i have to do on photography, And i searched you up and i fell inlove with these 3 amazing pictures.

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  6. Elena says:

    Hello Stephen!
    I wish to offer you cooperation.
    I can send you the detailed information if you specify in the letter the you email.
    Can write to me on specified at registration email.
    I will be glad to your answer.

    With respect, Elena from Russia.

    PS: Forgive my bad English language.

  7. Kirk Fuson says:

    Your work is amazing!!!
    I’ve listed you in a post on my blog as a photographer people should know.

    Best regards
    Kirk Fuson

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