Behind The Scenes – Videos

Stefaniya Butterfly Shoot: Canon PDN Ad shoot

Canon Speedlites in Action:

Behind The Scenes of a Sweater shoot from Stephen Eastwood (extras) on Vimeo.

Atlantic Beach, (BTS) 2008 from Stephen Eastwood (extras) on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes clips from a beach shoot on a horribly gray and wet day.

Photo Expo 2008 Canon 5DMark 2 from Stephen Eastwood (extras) on Vimeo.

Demonstrating the Canon 5D Mark2 on stage at the Photo Expo in The Javits Center

WWD Ad shoot:

Lightsource Podcast Interview

Some randowm BTS shots:  Yes I am really bad at having them taken or keeping track, but am starting to do it more often as time moves on.

Photo Expo, Javits center NY, Signing posters with the model Stefaniya

Roof top in Jersey: Studio 101 Metuchem

Speaking at the Aperture Group

3 Responses to Behind The Scenes – Videos

  1. Devon Fitzgerald says:

    Stephen Eastwood is a really good photographer. I am 17 years old and i want to become a fashion photographer. He shows that it is great to go outside of the box

  2. Joan Morgades says:

    Great Work!. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Clive Litchfield says:

    I really appreciate the amount of info on this site, you’re not afraid to share which is great. The images are fantastic, top drawer and stand out head and shoulders above many many others. You’ve given me and many others no doubt, food for thought and most importantly…inspiration.
    Still to get my head around your gel technique for warming, time to get the camera out. Once again thanks a lot.